Cheoptics360 -
What’s inside?

Cheoptics360’s pyramid-shaped display system allows 3D-objects to appear and be viewed at a 360° angle. The projection produces a brilliant reproduction of both objects and scenery. We bring your brand message to life and let it shine in vivid 3D environments, creating a dazzling presentation for your Cheoptics360 show.

Cheoptics360 M500
560cm x variable x 560cm (WxHxD)
Hologram: 300cm x 72cm (WxH)
Viewing angle: 360 Degrees
Cheoptics360 M150
150cm x 243cm x 150cm (WxHxD)
Hologram: 79cm x 23cm (WxH)
Viewing angle: 360 Degrees
Cheoptics360 Desktop
43cm x 157cm x 43cm (WxHxD)
Hologram: 19cm x 8cm (WxH)
Viewing angle: 360 Degrees

Cheoptics360 in Operation

We offer several standard models of the Cheoptics360 display system, which can be delivered within a short space of time following conclusion of contract. If required, we are glad to offer our support with assembly and installation. Obviously we also design and construct special or customized Cheoptics models.

All technical details to Cheoptics360, as well as a detailed description of the areas of application, can be found in the PDF

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