Vizioline - Instant Foresight

More than just life-sized, Vizioline is a unique projection medium with outstanding properties. Suitable for large scale performances, it allows the production of stage shows portraying fantastic scenes through the combined interplay of holographic design and real elements.
The high projection quality is reflected in the astonishing brilliance and vibrancy of all image creations. Using Vizioline, we have already successfully produced simulated speaker performances, as well as large-scale shows for our clients’ regional, national and international presentations.

Virtual Greeter
Among the many Vizioline applications is the previously recorded performance of a person, who appears to be projected into the room. Short welcoming speeches or moderation as “Virtual Greeter” become a real highlight.
Projections on the smallest surfaces allow for surprising effects on the stage. This installation is created for the unusual presentation of pre-produced content with a live character.

Vizioline in Operation

Setting-up, planning, installation and design are always dependent on the constraints of the concept, the environment and the space. Material and system allow for great flexibility of application.

All technical details to Vizioline, as well as a detailed description of the areas of application, can be found in the PDF

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